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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Punkah Wallah

Here in UK it is [for us] very hot again today. Temperatures of 30C and more. In the office without air conditioning and no siesta in the heat of the day we are suffering the heat. I mentioned to some of my younger colleagues that we should have a Punkah Wallah but was met with blank looks - What's one of them John? So I thought I would share the information.
Punkah Wallahs were low caste Indian servants, who, in the days of the British Raj sat all day long, pulling on the strings of a cloth awning, thus creating a breeze allowing his master some comfort in which to rest or enjoy his gin and tonic. Can we have a punkah wallah each I was asked! THis one has fallen asleep on the job. Punkah = Fan; Wallah = Doer.


Nabeel said...

being a British .. it was nice to see the title of your post .. 'The Pankah Wala' .. the man with the fan :) .. and loved the picture ..

I know @ caste system among Hindus .. the lowest caste level is 'Shudhras' .. among many they are untouchables (shouldn't be touched) and the highest cast is Brahmins.

Found you through Google Groups .. u had a post there

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