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Monday, July 03, 2006

Missing Husbands

BBC News Item - No further comment from me! - read on

Cells full after football trouble
Police cells across Bristol and Somerset were completely filled overnight when trouble broke out after England's World Cup defeat.
Avon and Somerset Police said the force had brought in extra manpower to deal with any potential clashes. But, despite the number of officers on duty, they admitted struggling to cope with twice as much trouble as would be expected on a normal Saturday night. Minor scuffles and drink-related problems were reported across the area. A force spokesman said they had been inundated with calls on Sunday morning from women saying their husbands were 'missing' when in fact the men had been taken into custody.
No figures for the number of arrests made were immediately available.

1 comment:

bryanh0755 said...

As a retired Police Officer I have a great deal of sympathy for those officers having to clean up after a football match so far away.
Liked your photos! (Fav:2005_1203_204835AA)
Envy your trip to Antarctica!
Have a son in Wiltshire so know your area a little bit.