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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I have arrived in Hungary to stay with my friends for a few days. I am very comfortably settled into Ibi's home in South Eastern Hungary, close to the border with Romania. The town has few older buildings that I've seen so far anyway and the countryside is generally flat. We have several plans to explore further afield over the next two weeks when time allows but it is now termtime and both Ibi and Janos work very hard, both as teachers at local schools. We arrived on Sunday night at Budapest Airport, then caught a train towards our destination. Getting off the train at Szolnok were we were met by Janos in his trusty East German built Trabant, the first I had ever seen! Driving then in the moonlit night through sleepy towns finally arriving at the apartment around 2am. Apart from a short walk to the local shops, yesterday was spent at home and in the evening I had conversations with two of Ibi's students - boys of 14 who had come to Ibi for extra English lessons. They were great and intrigued to converse with a "real" English person! Ibi's daughter Tunde, who had been at school all day finally arrived home and so I have now met all the family. In the evening we had a lovely hungarian sausage, with stuffed peppers and potatoes for dinner and discussed some of the things we plan to do over the next days. Budapest with some of Janos's students, a trip to a trypical Hungarian Spa and to a restaurant. Probably a visit to see some wildlife nearby. I hope to see Bustards.

Everyone is out at work now, so I am here at the PC catching up on emails and the blog. When Ibi gets home, about 2pm we will go into town again, I expect.