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Monday, July 31, 2006

Generally I don't do War...

but the news today is so shocking I feel obliged to comment. Sadly the Lebanese government seems incapable of dissuading the Hezbollah from their cowardly actions, but my government and that of the US, connive with Israel.
The Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has said this evening that Israel is not ready to stop its offensive against Hezbollah in Lebanon. The Israeli air strike on the southern Lebanese village of Qana on Sunday killed at least 54 Lebanese civilians, mostly children and despite some hopes of a ceasefire following international outrage, fighting has continued today.
Appealing to residents of southern Lebanon to distance themselves from terrorists, as Maj Gen Gadi Eizenkot of the Israeli army has done, is just empty words. In the villages of the area there are women, children and elderly, even able bodied men who just cannot get out of their homes, there is nowhere for many to go and it seems, few know the terrorists of Hezbollah who hide themselves within their communities.
The talking has to go on, and the rockets and the bombings must stop before this war spreads to other parts of the Middle East. Haaretz in Israel has stated: "The unfortunate bombing in Qana is not just "another bombing"... Hopefully, this event will not stop the process of forging a diplomatic arrangement for ending the war." Other Israeli newspapers have also sounded dovelike today, but are the world leaders really listening?

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JeanneZ. said...


I'd like to refer you to my blog. www.awaitingthelord.blogspot.com

See the post, Photo Fraud in Lebanon.

I am a stauch supporter of Israel. While I wish the Middle East could live together in peace, it won't happen. Fundamentalist Islamic Terrorists want Israel wiped out, and Israel will defend her borders.