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Saturday, February 23, 2008

Return to Blighty!

I flew back to Bristol on Wednesday evening after a wonderful month with my Hungarian friends who looked after me so very well. Not long now before I am due to fly back there and enjoy the spring weather and maybe do some more birdwatching and fishing. Not much news from Bristol and am slowly reducing the pile of mail that awaited my return.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

School Trip to the Zoo

Janos invited me to join his children on a trip to the local town Bekescsaba to visit a travelling zoo exhibition. A curious display of small mammals, insects, plants, reptiles and Hungarian minerals were shown to us and one of the girls bought a hamster to take home. After the exnibition we went to a talk and slide show om the subject of the life and landscape of the Danube Delta on the Black Sea. The children are all keen to look after me and I was touched and ber able to join in their expedition and have several young ladies wanting to hold my hand. I must try hard to increace my Hungarian word and phrases which are sadly lacking at the moment.
My Photos

Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Renaissance Fesival At Gyula!

Today we have been to Gyula for the annual Renaissance Festival. Very colourful, at times very noisy and under a snow laden sky. We took loads of photos and enjoyed the ambience of this medieval town. Numerous groups from all overr Hungary and Romania were represented and the costumes were great. We found a beautiful old fashioned cafe for a coffee before waiting on the roadside for the processions to begin. Old and young were colourfully dressed and eventually we found a great viewing spot right behind the judges tables. After that we had some lunch in the marquee then explored the Castle and were entertained with traditional music while I indulged in a glass of excellent mulled wine.
It was a cold day and by the time we got home to Mezőberény we had had about an inch of snow with what looks like more to come later! Link
I will place the link to my photos HERE, at the moment I am recharging the batteries in order to do this and must in future make sure that I carry spare charged batteries!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hungarian Update

Awoke today to a misty morning with frost. Soon we will leave for a vist to see Janos's mother who lives over an hour's drive away and I am promised stuffed cabbage for lunch. Also a chance to see some wild deer nearby.

Mother looked after us well and after lunch we took a walk in the forest (P02) and though the deer were mostly elusive, there were plenty of signs of them as they are regularly fed with maize having beren put out for tem along the paths. We also encountered a flock of goats, and a brightly coloured cup-fungus! (P01)

After the walk we returned to the town for a stroll around the vast stables once owned by nobility and now a hotel. Here (P03) a scene of love in the stables.

All continuing well here, fantastic hospitality. Yesterday we walked from the flat to the new house Janos is building and I am encouraged to do this 2-3 km walk more often to get more exercise and fresh air. There is a plan for me to leave tokens at the building site every time I visit on my own as proof of my exercise regime!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Bustard Day!

An excellent half day excursion today to the Hungarian National Park that protects the Great Bustard and is home to several rare brees of cattle, pigs and sheep situated at Dévavanya, only a short drive from where I an staying. I went in the school minibus with a dozen nine year old children from Janos's class who were all very bright and welcoming though their English was about as good as my Hungarian but all told me their names and were interested in being introduced to this strange visitor from England.

We arrived at the park and were met by one of the guides who showed us around and explained the highlights. My photos tell the tale but also please see linkhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Bustard
and my photos which I will upload shortly.
Here are my photos