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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Bristol's Rivers

Here in Bristol the centre of the city grew up in medieval times around the docks which in those days was tidal. We have one of the greatest tide ranges in the world. The River Avon (which is the Welsh Celtic word for river - so "River River") was diverted along the New Cut in 1804 when the Floating Harbour was created. There are several smaller rivers and streams that flow into the Avon and an enterprising lady on Bristol City Council has arranged an interesting series of walks to trace the various rivers from mouth to source. Today I'm joining the Colliter's Brook walk and hope to be looking at some of the industrial archaeology of that area of the city and other aspects of urban geography not usually seen as one drives around. Have a look at my links, I'll post a photo or two later. For now, this photo taken from our famous Suspension Bridge shows the New Cut bending off to the right. Colliter's Brook runs into the Cut on the far side of the fly-over.

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