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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Overlooking the Old Place

Work on my parents' former home is nearing completion. I had a tour of the buildings yesterday and can honestly say that the work being done by the new owners is going to make a magnificent home for them. A home quite different and more modern than ever envisaged by our family, but one that proves their commitment and love for the surroundings. The south wall of the imposing old barn is the most striking change. Gone is the plain stone face with vertical air vents and now a full height window divided horizontally for the master bedroom at top and main living room below. This takes full advantage of the outstanding view to the south. I will take more photos at a later date, but for now a 2003 view of the barn and one from yesterday together with a photo of a humble bee from today's visit to the nature reserve at Sweeney Fen a few miles away from the cottage.

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