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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Nature Trivia and an Iron Age fort

Have a look at some wierd and wonderful nature facts - I found this while looking up Emperor Moth details.
The Photo is of Cow Castle, an Iron Age fortification above the River Barle in West Somerset. The earthworks of the fort are very clear from the upper path which is approximately where I found the caterpillar.


africa said...

A fantastic blog yours. Keep it up.
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I send you warm regards and wish you continued success.

Johnny P said...

Thank you Africa for your kind words. I do try and post regularly and aim to provide general interest. Come back regularly!

Beverley, UK said...

Hi Johhny P. Found you through Farmgirl Fare, one of my faves. I absolutely agree with your observation re connected people and the global community which serves for us to widen our experience knowledge and circle of friends - surely what the inventor of the net was intending. Love the pics, you do English culture a great service. I'm in Sussex and enjoy the outdoors, archaeology, etc. so will be saving you as a favourite for those 'cubicle' moments us workers need to keep our sanity! Cheers.