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Wednesday, February 07, 2007

In Hospital!

I have been in Southmead hospital for two days! Last time I stayed in a hospital overnight was for an eye operation in Birmingham in 1950!

This time nothing serious but I'm now resting after having had Septoplasty to improve and correct [I hope] my breathing especially at night. In the past my nose, large as it is, has created much snoring noise and sleeplessness in others who have lived in the same house as me, and this has caused me some embarrassment. At times I have experienced the medical condition known as sleep apnoea which is when the breathing stops and one involuntarily wakes oneself up with a loud compensatory gasp. [Or of course if one does not wake up, it doesn't matter any more! RIP]

Tonight I will have taped to my finger, an oximeter which will record my oxygen levels throughout the night and I am hopeful that there will be no forther apnoea episodes now that a clearer airway has been chiseled out! In the morning I will return the oximeter to the hospital for analysis and so I will record here at a later date on progress towards a good night's sleep for one and all!

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