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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Breathing a sigh of relief

Three years ago, before I joined the Pearce Group, I had been rather unhappily working as a budget and resource planner for the aircraft manufacturing giant - Airbus. I had worked at the Technical Centre on Filton Airfield for over two years and though I enjoyed some aspects of the job, I found that management methods were overbearing to say the least. Today's news of thousands of European job losses comes as no surprise to me.
The massive plane, the A380 is assembled, as are all the Airbus fleet, at the Toulouse factory final assembly lines in France, from parts brought together from all the manufacturing plants in Germany, UK, France and Spain - a logistical nightmare in itself, but massive delays caused by problems with the aircraft electrical systems, and lack of firm sales has meant that a restucturing of the company has become inevitable. I am glad that I left when I did!

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