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Friday, June 02, 2006

A Puzzle and a Rainbow

A friend of mine in Canada to whom I am distantly related has just sent me a link to an interesting early 20th Century picture postcard of a level crossing at the village of Bucknell in South Shropshire. The card had been sent to J. Herbert Esq of Chipping Norton in 1905 and the coded message reads: - “17.3.05. DD Kutu & mjof bt I’wf cffo litle up xsjuf gps & gbqbs xjui Csbttig’t xfeejoh go. Upu xfu mispoki mbtu npo & Tbu, po uif sproet. Mjab’t ysui eby po Uivst. mbtu (67). Tifoe npsf jeg. Rypus ujfxt po uif mbtftu. 494.”
I've had a go at translating the code, but some words seem easy some don't. Have a go!
Coincidentally I went to Bucknell last summer, and took a photo from the same level-crossing because of the remarkable horizontal rainbow showing against the distant hillside. See also GEOGRAPH LINK.
Here are both pictures

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