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Friday, March 14, 2008

Medical in Szeged

My lovely Hungarian family show great interest in my health and welfare. On this visit Ibolya had arranged for me to be checked out by one of the leading Hungarian specialists: Professor Tamas Forster at the University Hospital of the historic city of Szeged. Janos drove me in the Trabant and apart from visiting the hospital we had a very full and interesting day sightseeing, ending with a visit to the White Lake wildlife reserve as it was already getting quite dark. This was to observe the nightly event of hundreds of Demoiselle Cranes flying in to roost in the reed beds. Sadly they arrived after it had got almost too dark to see them but we certainly knew that they were arriving as we heard their distinctive calls.
At the hospital we waited for various tests to be done before Professor Forster saw me. He was very reassuring and Ibolya is now more satisfied with my state! She worries I think, that I might have another infarct while I am a long way from home and effectively her responsibility. Prof. Forster has recommended that I take Beta Blocker tablets to lower my BP and regulate the atrial fibrillation but otherwise has recommended a normal and active lifestyle. (Long may it continue!)
After the hospital visit we had an excellent lunch at a large Tesco store.
In the afternoon we walked around the city centre. There are many fine buildings, statues and monumdents, not least to comemmorate the Great Flood (photo above) that devastated the inner city in the 19th Century. Other photos from the day are here.

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