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Thursday, April 06, 2006

In the Wake of Shackleton

  1. Falkland Island - Flightless Steamer Duck family
  2. We are looking at a ferocious Leopard Seal
  3. Chinstrap Pengiuns - Aitcho Islands
  4. March of the Gentoo Penguins
  5. King Penguins - which one is Harold? - South Georgia
  6. Black Browed Albatrosses - West Falkland
My partner Viki and I came back from a most wonderful holiday cruise four months ago and we are still buzzing from the experience. We flew to Buenos Aires, then further south in Argentina for a cruise, taking in the Falklands. South Georgia and the Antarctic Peninsula. The wildlife was all we expected and more.
Thanks to Noble Caledonia who organised the trip.
Just six of over 1000 Photos taken


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