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Monday, January 17, 2011

First Blog of 2011

It's been a long time since my last post - Sorry for that but have excuses! I suppose the prime excuse is that I was laid low with a heart attack and spent some time in hospital in Bristol. As always, my Hungarian family was marvellous. Tünde flew over and looked after me, then her mother came over and we spent Christmas together. Apart from having to take many pills morning and evening, I seem to have recovered well. Now I am back in Hungary where
i will stay until the beginning of March. I can relax here and am very well looked after and any necessary medical checks performed by Doctors here. I have been walking as much as possible and yesterday Ibi and I walked along the Köros river road and watched the sun set over Mezöberény, our shadows refected on the trees by the riverside.
During the daytime, Ibi and Janos go to work and I relax in the house until Ibi gets home after one o'clock. After lunch, Ibi often has students who visit for private English lessons and I can join in the conversations and enjoy giving them the benefit of my knowledge and occasional stories of my homeland.

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