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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Sad news on the Welsh border!

I am still in shock from the news that my parents' old home at Allt y Rhiw on the Welsh border near Oswestry in Shropshire is no more. After spending thousands on renovation, the present owner was having a party at the house when a fire got out of control leaving no option but to escape with their lives. Only a ruin remains - we can only hope that he was adequately insured. So many memories have gone up in smoke. I never lived there but was a frequent visitor prior to my parents' demise and my brother and I still own the 40 acres around the house which are let to a local farmer for sheep grazing. I have no idea yet what other damage has been made by the fire, I suspect that the ancient yew tree on the east corner of the house must have gone up in flames as well as eveything else. I am glad that I have several paintings and photographs of the house which will remind me of happy times there.
I am staying with my dear Hungarian friends for the next few weeks. Still cold here with snow lying on the ground, but their new house has almost been completed and with wonderful underfloor heating we are snug as bugs in a rug!

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Anonymous said...

Hi John, I've just been reading your blog on Allt-y-Rhiw... I only found out yesterday whilst visiting my mother that it had been burnt down, and although I never actually visited it she told me stories of the place when she and my father Ramon Boon (who passed away when I was 4 years old) used to live there. That would have been when they first got married (late 50's/early 60's). She said they had to get water from a spring outside and heat a boiler up by lighting a fire underneath it! She has such fond memories of the place and has a giggle when she talks about the funny things they used to do there and how they used to mess about in the stream. She is now coming up to 75years old and still lives in Shropshire. My step father took her to the area the other week.... she didnt get to see the house but said that just travelling up the lane to it felt very strange after so many years. Just wanted to share that with you as you said your parents lived there also, and also to ask if there was any possibility at all of you sending me a copy of a photograph or painting via email that I could get printed for my mothers 75th? Its in July and I know it would mean a lot to her. I would pay you for it of course, but if its not possible then dont worry, its no problem... I totally understand.
By the way, I have very much enjoyed reading your blog, you lead a very interesting and full life.... many thanks for allowing others to share it!

Andrea Harvey (nee Boon)
Please feel free to email me at andrea.harvey1@hotmail.co.uk