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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Hungarian Update

Awoke today to a misty morning with frost. Soon we will leave for a vist to see Janos's mother who lives over an hour's drive away and I am promised stuffed cabbage for lunch. Also a chance to see some wild deer nearby.

Mother looked after us well and after lunch we took a walk in the forest (P02) and though the deer were mostly elusive, there were plenty of signs of them as they are regularly fed with maize having beren put out for tem along the paths. We also encountered a flock of goats, and a brightly coloured cup-fungus! (P01)

After the walk we returned to the town for a stroll around the vast stables once owned by nobility and now a hotel. Here (P03) a scene of love in the stables.

All continuing well here, fantastic hospitality. Yesterday we walked from the flat to the new house Janos is building and I am encouraged to do this 2-3 km walk more often to get more exercise and fresh air. There is a plan for me to leave tokens at the building site every time I visit on my own as proof of my exercise regime!

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